Building High Performance Teams – Essential Management training – Delivered by Mr Lance Hemphill

This  excellent two day course will be tailored to be totally relevant to your organisation encompassing your policies, aims and objectives. This program concentrates on three main contributors to successful development of a team who consistently performs against predetermined goals.  These are;

  1. Improving the manager’s leadership skills and competencies to develop, lead or drive the team’s performance using high level skills and a set of specific business improvement competencies. This change continually improves performance against set time-scales.
  2. Performance management – Every manager or leader of quality must have the ability to manage each individual team member’s performance.  This may be by using existing in-house strategies and policies or the development of more specific progressive Measurement procedures.  The development of these skills and competencies are encouraged through this program, using activity based learning experiences.
  3. Developing individual team members –  Many managers say they are good at coaching their team. This is often challenged as the style of coaching that is more dictatorial rather than encouraging and engaging. In this program the attendee through a series of specific activities is developed to become a more capable coach to their team and in turn add value to everyone involved which then supports the progress of a high performing team.

These three key activities are the foundation of the module which are also supported by specific learning opportunities interwoven into the program using a range of traditional management and leadership activities.