Nebosh Management of Health and Well-being at Work Certificate – Written Examination

Date(s) - 27/05/2015
9:30 am - 10:30 am

Training Solutions (NI) Ltd


The NEBOSH National Certificate in the Management of Health and Well-being at Work provides managers, supervisors and HR personnel with the skills and knowledge to make a positive contribution to the health and well-being at work of employees and others. This NEBOSH Health and Well-being Certificate will benefit companies in all sectors who are seeking to take a proactive approach to improve the health, well-being, efficiency and morale of their workforce.   There are many ways in which people can be harmed at work.  This harm can occur after a serious accident resulting injury, or ill-health can be caused or exacerbated by certain processes, pressures or substances prevalent in the workplace.  Health can be effected instantaneously or it may be effected by an accumulation of exposure to occupational hazards, be that work related stress or exposure to asbestos fibres.

This course is suitable for:

General Managers, Supervisors, Health and Safety and HR Personnel who have responsibility for, or involvement in, the health and well-being of employees as part of their day-to-day duties.

Course Contents

The NEBOSH Health and Well-being Certificate course is split into two units of study, each of which is assessed separately:

  • Unit NHC1: Managing Health and Well-being at Work
    • Introduction to Workplace Health
    • Effects of Health on Work
    • Effects of Work on Health
    • Management of Attendance
    • Management of Mental Health at Work
    • Management of People with Musculoskeletal       Disorders
    • Workplace Health Promotion
    • Workplace Health Support
    • Unit NHC2: Practical Application