Managing Change – Essential Management training designed and delivered by Mr Lance Hemphill

Managing change can be very challenging in business.  The saying ‘the only constant in our business is change’ seems to reflect the business arena we now work in.  The need for the manager/leader to be capable of successfully implementing and managing change is now paramount. If change is slow in implementation, then profitability and productivity suffer. If change is implemented quickly without gaining full commitment from the team then resistance and the potential of individuals falling into denial about the situation will inevitably cause the process to fail. This one day course examines not only how the change should be successfully implemented using a strategy and structure that is tried and tested, but also how to ensure the individuals concerned become advocates of the required change. This is achieved by individual recognition of how their attitude and behaviour influences their willingness to embrace change.The leader then uses this more specific understanding of their people to assist the individual to embrace change using a language they are familiar with to willingly enter the change process and become in some cases the driving force that moves other team members forward.