Noise at Work Regulations 1989 – in Northern Ireland

It has been known for many years that workers in noisy working environments can suffer permanent hearing damage, though it is only during the last two decades that generally accepted procedures for assessing industrial exposure and risk have been developed.  The rate of hearing deterioration depends both on the noise level and the duration of the exposure and is cumulative.  In addition, individual responses vary widely.  In order to prevent damage to hearing caused by noise at work, these Regulations have to be implemented.

Completion of this course provides an understanding of the legislation regarding the hazard of noise.  It highlights the importance of relevant and suitable controls measures and stresses the importance of adhering to safe systems of work.  Hearing protection devices will be discussed in depth so that delegates know; when to use PPE, what PPE to choose, how to maintain their PPE and how to visually inspect for defects.

The training fully meets the requirements of HSE legislation and Approved Codes of Practice.