Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992

And Kinetic Lifting

Over 30% of all industrial injuries occur during the manual handling of materials.  Many of these are injuries to the back, some caused by trying to move excessive weights, others by a failure to use the correct method.

Accidents sustained whilst handling can sometimes be attributed to poor engineering design, layout of plant or working conditions, but the chief cause is lack of training.  Personnel must be taught correct techniques if they are to carry out their tasks efficiently and safely.

The course is for anyone else who handles materials at work.



  • To demonstrate the safe methods of handling in various commonly encountered work situations


  • Introduction to the regulations
  • Definitions and Types of Injuries associated with Manual Handling activities
  • Responsibilities imposed on the employer and employees under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations
  • Manual Handling assessments including documentation and control methods available
  • Practical steps involved in Kinetic Lifting
  • Question & Answer Session


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