Working Safely for Lone Workers training – Antrim, Northern Ireland

Working Safely for Lone Workers training – Antrim, Northern Ireland

Lone Worker Safety training – Don’t allow your employees to be vulnerable!

Small things account for big risks when you are working alone, particularly if the environment is “off-site” and unknown to you. These risks need to be addressed in order to ensure the personal safety of lone workers.

If you are a health visitor, care worker, taxi driver, meter reader, transport or delivery worker, emergency services or security worker, to name but a few, you will need to know the risks associated with your particular job, the practical control measures you can employ, and have a toolbox of strategies at hand to tackle conflict or aggression.


The Role of the Lone Worker;
Boundaries of that Role;
Occupational Risks;
What influences the Risks we take;
Managing Risks;
Defining Acceptable Behaviour;
Spotting Danger Signals;
Managing Confrontation;
Reporting Near Misses Or Incidents;
“Back Up” and policies;

We offer this training in-house for companies and will tailor the content of the course to suit your individual requirements, please feel free to give us a call for further information

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