Practical Risk Assessment Training Course – Northern Ireland

The Management of Health and Safety at Work (NI) Regulations 2000 places a legal duty on employers to carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessments of reasonably foreseeable risks and to reduce those risks so far as is reasonably practicable.  The Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978 dictates that employers provide information, instruction and training to their employees.  In order to be able to carry out risk assessment, employees need to fully understand the process and thus; informative and effective training is essential. We offer an excellent ‘Practical Risk Assessment’ training course that clearly outlines the process and would be delighted to tailor a course for your organisation.

Course Content;

  • Introduction – course aims and objectives
  • Legal responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978 – employer and employee duties.
  • An overview of the Management of Health & Safety at Work (NI) Regulations 2000
  • The principles of risk assessment
  • Hazard and risk explained
  • The risk assessment process
  • Applying the principles of prevention and hierarchy of risk control to reduce the risk so far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Practical risk assessment – either on site or using scenarios
  • Classroom activity – writing up the findings of the risk assessment
  • Discussion – when and why to review the risk assessment
  • Collective feedback and analysis of completed risk assessments.
  • Discussion – continuing improvement of health and safety management in the workplace.
  • Critique

A positive health and safety culture requires; strong leadership, worker involvement, assessment and review.  Lets’s pull all the stops out to make your workplace safer through fully involved and competent risk assessment.